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Project Drawing

Container Structure Included

  • All Steel materials and chases are made by ROLL-FORM machines with 2/3mm thickness
  • GALVANİZED STEEL in special form 7meter one plate
  • Galvanized steel is a kind of stainless stell and have a long life in structures
  • Galvanized stainless steel is more stronger and have a long life than black steel(ST37)sheets.
  • All walls interior and outer Walls made by POLYURETHANE SANDWICH PANEL dansity(40kg/m^3)
  • Polyurethane Sandwich Panel(40kg/m^3) is more stronger and have more insulation (4 times
    more) then POLYSTYRENE EPS (10kg/m^3) panels
  • Galvanized steel and Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Containers are not affected from wet areas
    and always stainless steel.
  • Containers are antibacterial and have high heat and sound insulation.
  • Polyurethane Sandwich Pane Fireproofness Class is B2 s2 d0(TS-EN-13501-1)
  • All our structures have high quality materials and have long life logic. All materials are
    recyclable and no carbon emission.

Special Container Production for Projects

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